<Stacey Nuveman>
<Stacey Nuveman>


June 30th, 2008

We are getting close....that's all I have to say!! Hopefully summer is treating everyone well. We just completed the most greuling part of the tour - a 28 day road trip. And while that might sound wonderful to those of you who love to travel, let me tell you, it is not the glorious travel you might imagine. In and out of hotels, long bus rides, training and games, and fast food. If I never step foot inside a McDonald's again I wouldn't mind!

One highlight of the month was a trip to Midland, Michigan where I had a chance to see a bunch of my extended family. My aunts and uncles planned a bbq/tailgate, and it was great to spend some time post-game hanging out and catching up. I am a very lucky girl to have Team Nuveman so much in my corner!!

We are now on another week-long break at home....hooray! I cannot wait to be home with Mark, Chase, Athens & Sydney and do some home cooking!! and with the 4th of July coming up, we've got some great family time coming up.

One more month until we head to Beijing...I can't believe it!! Enjoy the summer heat and keep Dreaming BIG!



June 16th, 2008

Hello from the Midwest!

We are smack-dab in the middle of a 28 day road trip, so are trying to keep our sanity and still enjoy this whirlwind journey. The majority of the month we are spending in the Midwest: Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, etc. We are starting to get used to the humidity, which is good because Beijing is sure to be steamy and hot!
As I write this, we are in an airport in San Antonio, Texas, on our way to Stevens Point, Wisconsin. There were six of us who made the trek on our only day off to film the first-ever Nike softball commercial. We filmed the commercial to be aired before, during, and after the Olympics this summer. What a phenomenal experience!! It felt like we were on a real-life movie set, complete with hair and makeup trailers, lots of cameras and gear, and a really amazing crew. The theme of the commercial is softball being "our" sport, the sport we love, even if this may be the last time softball is in the Olympic Games. It was fun to be a part of such a powerful and endearing message, and I can't wait to see the final product!!

This past weekend we also played some very competitive games against China, Canada, and the NPF All-Stars. It was exhilarating to be on the field during a "big game", and we had a couple of come-from-behind moments as well. Our team really rallied and played well, so it was a great mid term test for us.

Hope everyone is great!


June 2nd, 2008

Welcome to Summer 2008! I think it is safe to say that summer has arrived...complete with warmer temperatures and most importantly summer vacation!! Things on the road are still going well, lots of travel as usual but the team is making progress and that is the MOST important thing.

We just finished our "California Swing", playing in several spots in Central and Northern California. I was particularly excited about our stop in Visalia, which has been my hometown for the last 4 1/2 years. I know I have talked about the Miracle League of Visalia before, which is a baseball league for special needs children and adults. The Miracle League was the actual sponsor of the game, and the team served as the "guests of honor" in their annual fund raising event.

And as for the game, the turnout was UNBELIEVABLE...almost 5,000 folks came out to cheer us on! And the highlight wasn't even our game: the best part was that about an hour before our game started, we played a mini-Miracle League game and us Olympians served as the buddies for the special-needs ballplayers.

It was something special to see and be a part of: Olympic-caliber athletes sharing the field with these true "miracle kids". I was so proud of my teammates and was overwhelmed with emotion at just sharing the fields with these ball players. We get to take the field every day, and never make a second thought. These kids want nothing more than to PLAY...regardless of the outcome. It was a special night for me in so many ways, and I was just thankful that I could share my town with my teammates, and also share the Miracle League with them.

The rest of our California tour stops were also great, with wonderful crowds and a lot of excited young ladies out to see us. We are now in Oklahoma City, preparing for our much-anticipated showdowns against Canada, China, and the NPF All-Stars. We are expecting to have our most competitive games of the summer this weekend, and we are really excited to see how we respond to the test, and just how ready we are to play.

Last weekend, we had a special celebration: Chase's 1 year Birthday Party! He doesn't actually turn 1 until June 6th, but since I was going to be out of town, we decided to do it a week early so Mommy could join in on the fun! He was such a cutie, face-planting in to his cake and helping Mommy rip open the presents. We are so blessed...such a happy and loving baby boy!! And now a happy and loving and WALKING baby boy! The adventures begin...

And of course, all of us have been glued to the TV and ESPN watching the WCWS...sad that the Bruins got knocked out early. But as they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so look out for UCLA in '09!!

Take care, and keep Dreaming BIG!


May 14, 2008

Hi! I hope this journal update finds everyone doing well, happy and healthy as ever. Things in the whirlwind life of Stacey Nuveman are business as usual...busy and CRAZY but good. I am home for a few days before we head out on our California swing of the Bound 4 Beijing Tour.

I am SUPER excited about our next game.....we are playing in Visalia, my home town! I know Visalia isn't where I grew up, but it is where I live now and I am excited for the team to come to town and see where in the world I live!! The Miracle League of Visalia is hosting the game, and are projecting almost 5,000 fans, good enough for the 2nd largest crowd of the Tour. Amazingly, our last game in Bowie, Maryland, had over 8,700 fans...HUGE crowd!

Prior to Bowie, we had a stop in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to play the University of Michigan. It was a great stop for me, since I had over 12 family members at the game to cheer us on. My dad was born and raised in Owosso, Michigan, and all of my extended family still lives in various parts of the state. One highlight was that at our autograph session after the game agains the Wolverines, I was paired at a table with a UofM player who hails from none other than Owosso!! I think I was more excited than she was, since usually when I mention my dad being from Owosso, fellow Michiganders never know where that is. It was fun to display my knowledge of the town to a true Owosso native!!

Chase is nearing his 1st birthday, which is so hard to believe. I honestly remember being pregnant and it seems like only a few weeks ago....not almost a year ago! Time flies when you are having fun, they say, and that's a great thing!

My first Mother's Day was special too, since I was able to spend the day with Chase and Mark (though it was in an airport much of the day...). I now understand how special Mom's Day really is, now that I can celebrate it too!! There were a couple of articles and such written about all of us "Softball Moms", so check out the links below. Its not every day that there are Gold-medal hunting mommies training for the Olympics!


This is a video piece put together by Mario Solis with NBC 4 in Los Angeles. Click on "Softball Moms" on top of page.


The pictures above are of Chase at Michigan's indoor football stadium....already working on his form!

Dream BIG!


April 28th, 2008

Howdy! Hopefully everyone is doing well, and feeling happier now that the temperatures are starting to rise and warm us all up again! I am home at the moment, enjoying a few days of "down time" before we head back out on the road again. It is always nice to come home, but also a bit sad knowing that is is only a short pit stop and the road awaits!

It has been an eventful few weeks, with our first big trip under our belts. We just spend a nearly three-week trip traipsing through the South, hitting North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana, before heading to the "Concrete Jungle" of Los Angeles. It really was a good stretch, as we had great crowds in all of our stops and also had some relatively mild weather.

The highlight was our stay in Sulphur, Louisiana, where we enjoyed some good 'ol southern hospitality by the Daigle family (Jennie Finch's in-laws). We had the BEST day hanging out on their ranch, as well as their neighbor Dr. Rhodes ranch, experiencing Southern living!! We were treated to a feast of Cajun dishes, including boiled crawfish and plenty of sweet tea! They had plenty of 4x4 vehicles for us to drive around the property, which was a blast! We fished in their pond, shot a rifle, and went on a "hay ride" around Dr. Rhodes property and acted like true California girls....as if we'd never seen real live farm animals before!!! Needless to say, there were many great photo opportunities. EXAMPLE: Chase rode on a horse for the first time!!

We then headed to UCLA, which was a lot of fun for me personally. It was bittersweet, knowing that would probably be the last time I play an official game at Easton Stadium. But I will tell you...the Bruins are back! They are looking strong, and I'm excited to see them this post season and back in OKC at the WCWS!! And the next day, we had a great time at Dodger Stadium, and were introduced on the field before the game. Then, after the introduction...Dodger Dogs!! Yum!!

I also just had a pretty major milestone in my life...I turned 30 years old! I was a little sad to be saying "Adios" to my 20's, but also happy to look back on my first 30 years and realize how lucky I really have been! So very blessed! It was great that I was actually home for my big day, and was able to spend it with Mark and Chase, as well as some special friends. Thankfully, they didn't make me blow out 30 candles, just one BIG candle!

Hope everyone is well, and look forward to seeing you this summer!
Dream BIG!


April 3rd, 2008

Hello! I hope this journal update finds everyone well, and after having a wonderful Easter holiday and SPRING BREAK! I'm guessing that by now most of you who are lucky enough to get time off from work/school are back to work, but trust you all enjoyed your break.

We have been hitting the road hard, having just returned from a two-week trip to Fullerton and Oklahoma City, and leaving again for a three-week trip starting in Las Cruces, New Mexico and ending up in Sulphur, Louisiana. The long stretches of travel really are tough, but thankfully I get to travel much of the time with Chase and my mom, so have family with me. We are all making the most of our preparation time, just counting down the days, weeks, and months until we head to Beijing.

And on that note....I recently received the BEST news, that I made the final 15 roster for the Olympics! Up to this point, there were 18 of us all vying for the final 15 spots, and last week the final announcement was made. Needless to say, I was VERY excited to see my name on the list, albeit saddened for those three girls who were named as Replacement Players. Our team is now in a mixed state of excitement/sadness, and will have to work through all of those feelings in due time.

Chase is still doing GREAT, constantly changing, growing, and developing. He's an official crawling machine, scooting around all over the place. His newest venture is standing on his own, without holding on to any thing for support. It is adorable; he'll stand in the middle of the room, get his balance, and then start to bounce out of excitement at his abilities. Once the bouncing starts, the standing becomes a little tough, so that usually signals the end of the "stand alone" moment. But he's threatening walking any day now...can't wait!?!?!?

A fun thing happened last week: we were playing Oklahoma State University in an exhibition game, and come to find out Meghan Wagner, a young girl that has attended several of my catching camps over the years, was their starting catcher! And, she was even #33!! It was really great to see a former camper doing so great, although I will admit it made me feel VERY VERY ancient!

All the best to you and yours, and let's all keep Dreaming BIG!


March 17th, 2008

Hi everyone! Hopefully this journal update finds everyone well, and enjoying more and more sunshine every day! I can't speak for the eastern part of the country, but the western half (namely Visalia) is warming up. It is still a bit "brisk" in the air, but the shorts are coming out of the drawers and the sun is peeking through!

We are on an "extended" break right now....actually something like 9 days, so I am enjoying my down time with Mark and Chase. It is amazing how fast the time flies when we are home....paying bills, reading mail, catching up on things around the house, laundry, etc. AND still getting to the gym and taking batting practice. Our time off is supposed to be for rest and recovery, but I'm not doing a whole lot of resting!

Our last road trip was 10 days in Florida, and overall it was a lot of fun. We had the opportunity to go to a couple different MLB spring training games, as well as get in some competition ourselves. Unfortunately, two days were rained out so we lost 4 games to bad weather. We were going a little stir crazy, going that many days without playing a game. But our hotel was right on the beach, so we were able to enjoy great seafood and a little extra down time.

One of the highlights for me was I had the chance to spend an afternoon with some of my extended Michigan family. They were in town visiting their "other" family and it just so happened to coincide with our trip to Florida. It isn't often we get to spend time together, so it was nice to see them, and my cousin's own little baby, Stella. Spending time with Stella made me miss my little Chase, but at least I got a little baby time!!

The next stop for us is Fullerton for the Cal State Fullerton tournament, then on to Oklahoma City. We've got some good competition coming up, and of course will have great crowds in Fullerton and OKC. That definitely is one of the highlights of our tour...we get to play in front of crowds that actually LIKE us!! We are used to international competition, where the fans are NOT rooting for us, so it is great to be playing in friendly confines!!

All the best, as always, and hope everyone is Dreaming BIG!


February 27th, 2008

Beijing, here we come! This week we FINALLY started our official Bound 4 Beijing Tour, with our first stop in Arizona and then on to Palm Springs. It feels like forever since I have been out on the field with and competing, so it was a lot of fun to suit up in the USA uniform and get the game on!

So far, we have won all of our games in decisive fashion, with a lot of offense on our side. It is certainly a strength of our team (offensive depth), and it really showed this past week. And our pitching is strong as well, per usual, so we got off to a great start. We were worried about getting rain in Palm Springs, but in the end the sun was shining (most of the time) and we got to appreciate the beautiful surroundings of the area. Chase and Mark were with us as well, and we had a little quality family time at the pool, which was a blast!

One sad development was that Vicky Galindo broke her arm in our first game after being hit by a pitch, so will be out for some time. She had to have surgery, and it really broke all of our hearts to see her get injured. It goes to show you that with injuries, you never know when it may happen. You can train and work as hard as possible and still could be sidelined by an unexpected injury. I have been sending my very best and happiest and healthiest vibes Vicky's way to ensure a quick recovery. Its just not the same with out her!

We are off to Florida for another set of games/travel. We are hanging tough so far, but honestly, the road is a rough place. Airports, bus rides, hotel rooms...they really do get old. But I guess it is a small price to pay to represent the USA playing the sport you love!!

Hope everyone is doing great, and never stop Dreaming BIG!


January 31st , 2008

Hello everyone! Hopefully everyone is doing well, feeling good, and enjoying the first weeks of 2008. We are off to a busy start, spending time in Chula Vista at training camp and preparing for our Bound 4 Beijing Tour. We knew this was going to be a busy year, and that is proving so very true!

Over the past weekend, the USOC sponsored their "Olympic Ambassador" Program in San Francisco, and all of us softball players were in attendance with about 250 other Olympians or Olympic hopefuls. The program was designed as an introduction of sorts to China, its culture, and what we can expect in Beijing. We did some media training and saw a presentation about the Olympic Village and other pertinent info that is helpful to know about what is ahead.

The best part is getting to know other athletes from other sports, and hearing their stories. I know from my past Olympic experiences that knowing other athletes personally really does enhance the over-all experience. You can go to other events and cheer on other people...and not simply because they are Americans, but also because you know them! I met some really cool rowers, weight lifters, soccer players, and others that I look forward to watching compete!

Mark and Chase joined me in SF, and Chase had his first visit to Mark's beloved "City by the Bay". I don't always get to travel with both my hubby and baby boy, so I was very happy to be able to spend a "work weekend" with both of my men!

Another bit of exciting news I have to share is my new "position" I've been asked to fill with the Women's Sports Foundation. I have attended their dinner in NYC for the last few years, and always have communicated my desire to be more involved. As of this year, they have created the Athlete Advisory Panel, a group of 5-6 athletes who serve as an advisory committee of sorts, and have a more specific involvement in the Foundation and its work. I was very pleasantly surprised when they asked me, since the Advisory Panel was a new concept and I didn't know anything about it.

I am excited about being more involved, as I really believe in the Foundation and its mission: to get girls and women up and MOVING! The Foundation has all kinds of statistics on the obesity rates in this country and other sad tell-tale signs of how inactive young girls and women really are. The goal of the Foundation is to provide grants/funding, information, and programs to encourage girls and women to get out from behind the TV and computer and get active! So, I am thrilled to be a bigger part of the Foundation than I've ever been. And on a side note: Jessica Mendoza is the President-Elect of the Foundation so is MUCH bigger-time than I am! But I'm excited nonetheless!! (And the picture is from last year's NYC dinner when we get all dressed up for a fancy evening...fun stuff!)

We are off to another week of training camp, then have our first official competition in Tucson against the UofA. From there, we head to Palm Springs to play in the Palm Springs Classic college tournament. We are all VERY ready to get playing games, and hope to see some of you out on the road this year.

All the best, and Dream BIG (as always!)!



January 16th, 2008

Hello from sunny San Diego (Chula Vista actually)! Being a native California girl, I am used to the sun shining in January, but sometimes am still amazed at how lucky we are with the weather. I know a lot of other parts of the country are having all kinds of crazy weather, so just thought I would remind all of you Easterners that its 65 degrees and sunny where we are!!

I have We are in the middle of training camp, and getting a lot of great softball training. It is wonderful to have such amazing resources available to us, and we can stay focused on preparing for the long Olympic Tour ahead. I don't know how many of you have had the chance to see the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, but if you have you know what I am talking about: a beautiful softball field, first class training room, weight room, dining hall, and contiditioning facilities. The beds leave a bit to be desired, but we're so worn out at the end of the day that it doesn't matter all that much...we could sleep on the floor if we had to!!

been a little out of commission for a few days, after straining my back a few days ago. I'm excited, though, since I've seen steady progress and am feeling MUCH better as every day passes. I keep saying that these types of set backs are just part of the journey, and will make the end result that much more amazing. And as I also like to say..."This is just another chapter in the book of my life." BRING ON THE ADVERSITY!!

We will be down here for another week, then head home for a few days. This is definitely the intensive part of our training, since we will be hitting the road for real in February. I know we are all excited to get this show on the road, but also are using this time to work out the off-season kinks. We may not be the most impressive team in the world at the moment, but we are working to get better every day so we can have all cylinders firing in August.

Take care, and Dream BIG!



January 2nd, 2008

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year's celebration, and you all are ready for an awesome 2008. This year will be a very exciting year for Team Nuveman, with all of the travel and training in preparation for Beijing. I am excited to begin the journey for another Gold Medal, but also look at the daunting schedule and am a bit overwhelmed. Mark is already missing us, and all of the milestones in Chase's life he may be missing. These are the times I am so very thankful for my oh-so-supportive husband, and the rest of my family who support me following my dreams. I am so lucky and blessed.

Our Holiday Season was full of family and friends, and lots of great food! What would the Holidays be without great grub?? Since Mark's parents and my folks live only about 20 minutes apart, we were able to split our time so that all of Chase's grandparents could enjoy his first Christmas. It was fun to watch Chase rip open his boxes, even if he was clueless as to what the reason for it all! I can't wait until next year, when he'll be a little better able to understand what is going on. Nonetheless, we enjoyed time with family, and some down time before the craziness of 2008 begins!


Jessica Mendoza and I also hosted one of our Nuveman/Mendoza Clinic Experiences in Moorpark, CA on December 27-28. It was an awesome event, with a great turnout and a lot of talented and spirited softballers on hand. Jess was excited to host a clinic in her hometown, and I was happy that I didn't have to hop on a plane to fly out to a clinic....it was only a short drive! Jess and I are looking forward to hosting many more clinics in the future, as we believe in our message and the "uniqueness" of our clinic experience.

Mark and I also celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary...I can't believe so much time has flown by! Four short years ago, we were saying "I do", then moving to Visalia, then heading out on the road for the Athens pre-Olympic Tour, then....SO MUCH has happened!

Next week is when we begin our official quest for the Gold in Beijing, with a two-week training camp in Chula Vista. I know that we have a long road ahead, as do I personally, to be where we want to be and be as prepared as possible. And as we all know, the struggles during the journey are what make the end results so very meaningful. Hope some of you will be able to make it out to a game or two on our Bound for Beijing Tour. We LOVE our fans!!

Here's to a PHENOMENAL 2007 and an even better 2008! See you out on the road, and never stop Dreaming BIG!



November 18, 2007

I write this as we just finished our 11 inning victory over Japan for the Championship. It was a classic battle between the USA and Japan, and fortunately we came out on top! It seems every time we play Japan it is exciting and thrill-filled...today was no exception. The score went back and forth, until finally Natasha Watley brought home the final run of the game. It was a long day, and we were all happy to walk away with the win.

This will likely be the last time I'll play softball in Japan, so it was kindof strange to think about that. I've played here many times, but since this is our last trip with USA Softball to Japan, this may be my last time in this country. Japan is such an interesting place, everything is miniature in size and very condensed. The sushi is great, though, so we're all happy when it is dinner time!

We head home tomorrow, and I am super excited to see Chase and Mark. This trip Chase stayed with my parents, so I am missing him terribly. But Grammie and Grandpa Nuvey are enjoying their time with Chase, so I'm glad they can have this time together.

I hope everyone is ready for some family time with Thanksgiving around the corner. I'm very anxious to see my family and spend our first Thanksgiving with Chase. I have so much to be thankful for, and so much also to look forward to in the future.

All the best, and keep Dreaming BIG (and I will too!)


October 29th, 2007

Happy Halloween! I hope this journal entry finds everyone enjoying the Fall season, and gearing up for the Holidays. I can't believe it...I turned on the radio the other day and they are already playing Christmas music!! It's barely Halloween, and we're into the Christmas season already.

The last few weeks have been quite busy, but also an enjoyable time. A couple of weeks ago was the Women's Sports Foundation's annual dinner in New York City, and I made my 4th trip to the dinner. This event is ALWAYS phenomenal, with champion female athletes from every imaginable sport there to be honored and to share a great weekend. This year was no exception, and our very own Monica Abbott was named Sportswoman of the Year!! It was a lot of fun to share the stage with so many inspiring and successful female athletes. Every year I walk away humbled to be included in the group, and extra motivated to continue to do what I do.

The PFX also enjoyed our last Tour stop of 2008, and had a great time in Orlando, FL. Year 2 for the Tour was another successful year, with the level of competition a big step up from last season. It really is a blessing to be able to play the sport of softball in front of so many young, aspiring softballers. The crowds in FL were great, very animated and a lot of fun! I'm looking forward to seeing the growth of the PFX in the future, and getting back out on the road in '08!

This past Saturday, UCLA Softball had its annual Alumni Game, which is always a lot of fun. It is a time for all of us in the "Bruin bubble" to get together, share stories from our "glory days", and get out on the field together again. The crazy thing is how many of my former UCLA teammates are like me: Mommies!! It was a kid-fest, with all kinds of little ones running around (or, like in Chase's case, being carried around!). It is so much fun to see how all of our lives are coming full circle now, and some day we'll be in the stands watching our kids play, rather than the other way around! I can't wait!!

Chase is almost 5 months now, and already has two little teeth poking through. He is a constant joy in our lives, and there is a lot of smiling around the Deniz house these days! In true Mark Deniz fashion, Chase is dressing up as Yoda for his first Halloween! You realize how much these early Halloween's really are for the parents and grandparents...he has no CLUE what the costume is all about!! But it is fun for us to dress him up and take lots of pictures! He also made his fist visit to the pumpkin patch, and he was enthralled with the hay. Funny what makes for the most entertaining toys!!!

All the best to you and yours, and never stop Dreaming BIG!


October 3rd, 2007

Stacey Nuveman

Hello from Tucson, Arizona! As this is written, we are in the midst of our first training camp since the 2008 Olympic Training Team has been named!!! In case you have not heard yet, I made the team!! Now, I must clarify that the actual 15 players on the Olympic roster have not been named yet, and won't be until sometime early in '08. So technically no one knows who the Olympic team is, but we're one big step closer!

It was really invigorating to be back on the field during tryouts, out there competing with my teammates and playing the game. I was worried and nervous leading up to the tryouts, but kept telling myself that I had prepared to the best of my ability, and I just had to know that what was meant to be would be. And low and behold...things worked out!

As I said, we're in Tucson now training with the team for the first time. It is so awesome to be back on the field with the team after being away for a year. Sometimes you forget how amazing it is to be able to do what we do, with the amazing athletes and people we do it with. And sometimes you also forget how SORE these training camps make you! But I keep reminding myself that it'll all be worth it in the end. Needless to say, we've been jumping into the cold whirlpool after practices!

Jessica, Stacey, and campers

Another exciting bit of news is that Jessica Mendoza and I recently put on our first-ever "Nuveman-Mendoza Clinic Series" event in Clearwater, Florida. It is a clinic concept that Jess and I have created and are SUPER excited about, so it was a lot of fun to put our first event into action. The main premise of our clinics are to use softball as the vehicle to share and inspire young girls in the game of life.

I always have found while doing clinics, that the last 10 minutes of the clinic were always the most powerful: the time where I talked about my life, shared stories, and talked about my experiences. I always felt more of a connection to the girls at my clinics during those final moments, and then was sad that it had to end. Jess felt the same way. So we decided to expand on that aspect of the "typical" softball clinic, and make that a bigger focus: life skills, self-esteem, leadership, peer-pressure...the topics that young girls REALLY need to hear about and think about, much more so than how to hit the outside pitch. And from that sprung Jess' and my idea for our own clinic series. As I mentioned, Clearwater, FL, was our first stop, and we're pumped to continue to expand and grow our clinics around the country.


And now on to the good stuff: Chase update! He's almost 4 months old now, and is changing in so many ways. We just went in for a round of shots (not fun), and found out that he's in the 97th percentile in weight and 90th in height. No doubt, a big boy in the making! Every day is a new experience, as he's finding his "voice" and likes to talk and make all sorts of fun sounds. Unfortunately, his newest is a quasi-screaming noise, kind of like a screech, that he does when he is happy. It doesn't go over well when we're on an airplane... Otherwise, he's a happy guy and still smiles a lot. He seems to be close to giggling, and I can't wait for that. Babies laughing is the best sound in the world!!

Hope you are all well. Team Nuveman is great, Grammie Nuvey is on the road with us and loving (almost) every minute. Mark is missing us, as he's home working his "real" job, taking care of the dogs and holding down the fort. Obviously, a busy time for us but we are hanging tough!

All the best to everyone, and Dream BIG!


September 4th, 2007

HOT HOT HOT! That is the best way to describe life in California these days, no doubt about it! Hope you all are managing to stay cool and are beating the heat. The worst part is that the weather looks nice from the window...until you walk outside and are slapped in the face with the heat. All I can say is thank heaven for air conditioners!!

Chase and I are still staying in La Verne to allow for me to train. It is hard to believe that we are only a week away from the Olympic tryouts...time has really flown. I've been training hard during the week, then heading out on the road for the weekends and our PFX Tour events. It has been GREAT for me, allowing me to practice during the week and "test" my self on the weekends. I have been overall happy with my progress (though like all competitive athletes, would ALWAYS like to play better!!).

I always knew I had the most amazing family any girl could ask for...but now it's OFFICIAL! Mark has been so giving, supporting my need to be in So. Cal to train, even though it means he doesn't get to see much of us. And my parents, allowing us to invade their house (like old times!) and being available to watch Chase during my workouts and PFX weekends. I am honestly the luckiest girl, and without my family I know this dream-reaching wouldn't be possible. And Mark has learned how to front-toss, so I'm married to my own batting practice helper...see picture below :)

We just finished our last PFX Tour stop of the summer, with one more to go in Orlando in October. This summer with the PFX was really a great summer, with the competitive level a noticeable jump from last season. Literally, every player involved stepped it up, and the games were very close and very exciting. And to think: there potentially could be 9 players from the Tour on the 2008 Olympic Team...not bad!

Chase is 13 weeks now, and is our little Gerber baby! He is a happy baby and smiles all of the time, which is fun for us. He "talks" a lot too, and it seems that he's destined to be a very verbal young man! I still marvel that he's mine, that he is Mark's and my VERY OWN child. I could spend all day holding and staring at him if I'd let myself. He's the BEST!!!

Next week is the tryout in Chula Vista, which I am anxious to get under way. I have had my eye on the tryout for MONTHS now, and the time has finally come. Everyone asks me how I feel, if I feel ready for the tryout process. My best answer is that I feel really good about my preparation, and now it is a matter of putting that to test. I can't control the outcome, only that I worked hard these last weeks and that's all I can ask of myself. But certainly, prayers are welcomed!!

I hope that the next time I write, it will be as a member of the Olympic Team. Wish me and the rest of the players trying out luck...you can never have enough luck!

Dream BIG, and I'll keep doing the same too,


August 14th, 2007

Hello out there! Time is flying by these days, so I hope everyone is doing well. I know school is starting soon for everyone (if it hasn't already), so happy back-to-school to you all.

Needless to say, life has kicked into 4th gear with a newborn baby and Mommy trying to get back into softball shape! Chase and I are staying with my parents in So. Cal as I continue to train and prepare for the Olympic tryouts in September. Things are going well, and while we miss Mark tremendously, it is a great situation for me softball-wise. I've got lots of help and can do what I need to do when I need to do it, which is ideal. And Grammie and Grandpa Nuvey are LOVING it!!

Chase Chase is 11 weeks old, and is just an amazing little boy. I literally stare at him, amazed that he's MINE!! He is smiling now, and is just about ready to start giggling. I can't wait, because I've always thought a baby's laugh is the most wonderful sound in the world. He is also sleeping through the night (most nights that is!), which is a blessing for us!! And while I know I am his Mom so have rose-colored glasses on...he's SO DARNED CUTE!!

I also played my first PFX Tour games last weekend in Philadelphia, which was great. I was not exactly sure how I would feel physically, so was pleasantly surprised that I felt really good. I'm not yet where I want to be, but definitely am making strides. It was great to be back on the field and behind the plate, and we had a great weekend. My competitive juices started to flow again, and it was a great chance to get at-bats in a competitive atmosphere.

Enjoy the picture of our little man, its phenomenal to see all the ways he's changing right before our eyes!

Dream BIG, as always!



July 19th, 2007

Hi to all! I hope this finds everyone enjoying their summer breaks (or what is left of them) and staying in the a/c if you you're in a hot place. Visalia has been SMOKIN' these last few weeks, so we've been trying to stay cool inside during the day as much as possible.

Chase is now 6 weeks old, and changing by the minute. He's already almost 12 pounds, so definitely getting all of the nutrition he needs. I can't believe how much more alert he is and it looks like he'll be smiling any day now. There are many times I'll look at him and think, "if you could smile right now, I KNOW you would!!" For the most part, he's a happy and content baby, and we are happy and content parents. But parenthood is certainly a challenge, and Mark and I are making the most of every moment.

We had our first plane flight together, as Chase and I attended the World Cup of Softball this past week. I was a nervous mommy as we prepared to take our first solo flight (it was just the two of us...), but he was a CHAMP and slept the whole way! Except for a few moments of fussiness, he was a supreme passenger and made his mom proud! Fortunately, we were on the same flight as my parents on the way home, so I had the extra hand that every mom of a newborn desperately needs!!

Chase Gregory Chase Gregory

It was great to see the team compete and to get some training in myself. My folks met us in OKC to take care of the little guy, and we had a great week together. We missed Mark, as he was in trial at home, but Chase enjoyed his first softball games (the first of many!!). The team dominated, yet again, and though it was strange watching from the stands, it was fun to watch them kick some tail!! They are heading to Rio de Janeiro for the Pan American Games...wishing them the best of luck.

I'm still busy getting myself back in shape for the September Olympic tryout. No easy task, I assure you, but I'm making progress slowly but surely. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to fall OUT of shape but how incredibly hard it is to get INTO shape!! As they say, no rest for the weary!!

All the best to everyone, and Chase sends his best as well!

Dream BIG!



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