Happy Fall to you all!

Now that Labor Day has passed, I’m pretty sure that school has started (for those of you who still go to school :) and the summer is officially over.  BUMMER!  But with the start of a new school year comes new teachers, classes, and new opportunities to get better.  I’ve always loved back-to-school time, and this year is no different.
Don’t get me wrong…I LOVED the summer and having a bunch more free time and the chance to spend time with my family.  But I am also pumped about getting back to work with our team and getting our players prepared for the spring season.  The fall schedule is a lot of practice, a few scrimmages, and the opportunity to begin the team-building process.  We’ve got a great group this year, and I’m anxious to get out on the field.  Can’t wait!!
I also personally have a “new beginning”…I am officially a grad student!  I have begun working on my Masters in Kinesiology at Texas Women’s University.  This particular program is Kinesiology with an emphasis in Coaching, which is right up my alley!  Approximately half of the program is conducted online, with the other half consisting of a series of 8 seminars that are 3 days each.  I’m excited to get to work, and also to be slowly hacking my axe at my Master’s degree. 
Chase is still as awesome as ever, and continues to amaze us every day.  He’s a full-blown active 2-year old, but is so much fun to be around and is definitely a class clown!!
All the best to you and yours, and Dream BIG!

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