Hello from sunny San Diego

Hello from sunny San Diego (well actually, its been raining so the truth is that it DOES in fact rain in San Diego!)!
It has been eons since I’ve last updated my journal, life has just been hectic with the start of the softball season and having a 20 month old little monster living in my house!! 
Things are going really well.  We (San Diego State) played our first tournament this past weekend, and we ended up 2-2.  We played 4 tight games, and almost knocked off UCLA but lost to them in 9 innings.  I have to admit, it was very odd being in the other dugout and wanting to kick the Bruins tails.  I spent so many awesome moments of my life in the OTHER dugout, so I had to really mentally prepare myself before our game against the Bruins.  In the end, we had our chances to win but couldn’t pull it off. 
We picked up two wins on Saturday, so I can officially say that for an entire 24 hours I was 100% undefeated as a coach.  My career totals for coaching were 2 wins and 0 losses.  It was fun to be able to say that, even if it was only for 24 hours!
I must say that coaching in real games – not Fall scrimmages – really got my adrenaline rushing.  I wasn’t sure how it would feel to be in the coaches box and in the dugout rather than on the field, but I really enjoyed the rush and the intensity.  I caught myself getting a little too intense and fired up a couple of times, but that’s the lessons I’ll learn as a new coach.
And like I used to do as a player, I also did a post-weekend assessment of myself as a coach: what did I do well, what could I have done better, what can we (the team) work on, what do I need to improve upon, etc.  I strongly believe that self-evaluation is crucial to making improvements and keeping yourself accountable.  Like my husband always says, “Past is Prologue”, so unless we learn from our mistakes we are destined to make the same mistakes over and over again.
Chase is growing like a weed, and his vocabulary is ever-expanding.  He’s mostly still using single words.  He favors animals: he knows turtle, elephant, fish, bird, tiger (complete with a grrrr noise!), doggy, kitty, sheep, frog, and many others.  The only real three-word phrase he knows is “I’ll get it!” if he drops something.  It warms my heart to hear him expand his world and vocabulary all at the same time.
Hope everyone is excited at the start of college softball.  I can’t believe its already here after all of the months of practice, practice, practice.  Let the games begin!
Take care, and Dream BIG!

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