Hi all!

I hope this long-overdue journal finds everyone doing well, happy and healthy and enjoying the return of sunshine!  I know that living in San Diego now, we have a skewed sense of weather, being that we had plenty of 80-degree days in January and February, but we still have our own version of “cold”.  It is starting to warm up, and the shorts are finally being broken out of their winter hibernation!!
Stacey Nuveman
Stacey Nuveman 

As all you softball fans know, we are in the thick of the college softball season, and the San Diego State Aztecs are heading into conference play this weekend.  The Mountain West Conference only has 6 teams, so we start the season a little later than many of the other conferences.  We head to Las Vegas to play UNLV this weekend, which should be a great test.  The Runnin’ Rebels are playing well right now, and have some big offensive weapons.  Our team is playing pretty well now as well, so it should be a good test for both teams!!

I am still thoroughly enjoying coaching, and really find myself facing a new challenge or uncharted territory on a daily basis.  Coaching is so much about “people management”, as much as it is about skill development.  I see so much of that game that I missed before; as an athlete you are so focused on your job, what you have to do, that you aren’t always totally aware of all that is happening around you.  I have found such a greater appreciation for all of my teammates and their amazing talents and gifts…they all made the game look so easy!! 
As a coach, you stand back and observe EVERYTHING, and everyone.  Its sort of like the “eye in the sky” and its just a different perspective than being on the field, in the pressure cooker that is The Game.  I’ve found even MORE things to love and respect about the game of softball, and can’t wait to see whats next for me in this new journey of coaching!
Mr. Chase is soon to turn 2, and is beyond amazing!  I’ve found myself recently standing back and watching him in amazement.  I’ve always had a deep respect for the miracle that is human life, but I never really considered it as fully as I do now: it is beyond comprehension that this little creation was helpless and fully dependent only months ago, and now he is running around, talking, asking questions, gaining his personality and his will (he’s a feisty little guy!).  Not only physically, but he is growing emotionally and intellectually every single day.  It just blows my mind!!  And this same miracle happens over and over again millions of times every day (not sure if millions of babies are born every day, but I wouldn’t doubt it!). 

Stacey Nuveman

Mark also recently started his new job with the San Diego City Attorney’s Office, so he’s beginning a new adventure as well.  We are finally all in the same place, which is great!  San Diego is the greatest city, and we are looking forward to enjoying all that San Diego has to offer.
All the best to you and yours, and wish the Aztecs luck the rest of the season!
Dreaming BIG,

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