Hello to everyone out in cyberspace!

I feel like every journal update starts the same way, “sorry for the long lapse since my last journal”….so I will say the same again, SORRY!  I can’t believe how this spring has just flown by.  It literally has been lost in the sense that I cannot imagine how we are into May and the summer is right around the corner. 
This weekend is our final regular-season home game and then we will be anxiously awaiting the NCAA Selection Show on Sunday night to see if we will be invited to the post-season Tournament.  We had a rough weekend last week and lost some important games, so are on the edge of our seats about whether or not we will get invited.  Believe me when I say our fingers AND toes are crossed and we hope to get a chance to continue our season.
I also strayed out of my usual character and joined Twitter, so you all can follow my every move (well, I post a couple times a day, so not EVERY move…)!  I’m always wary of these kinds of things, but it seemed simple and fun so I’m giving it a shot.  I’m following several people, some friends, some teammates, Oprah, CNN, Obama, etc.  Its kinda cool to hear about what famous people are up to.  My Twitter name is staceynuveman, so come and check me out on www.twitter.com/staceynuveman!!
Recently, I celebrated my birthday (no telling my age, but its old), and Mark presented me with a Kindle for my b-day present.  I had never heard of the Kindle, but its a cool gizmo/gadget where you can download books, magazines, and newspapers and you can read them on the large screen.  Its somewhat like an iPod for books, and it is eco-friendly since it cuts down on the printing (and subsequent discarding) of printed materials.  I’m currently reading the very entertaining “The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner’s Semester at America’s Holiest University” and am really enjoying it.  I’m unintentionally giving a plug for the book, but my goal was to share about the Kindle…very cool gadget!!
This summer is set to be another busy one, but hopefully not quite as busy as usual.  I will be on the road recruiting some, as well as conducting some clinics and camps, but hope to spend a lot of quality time with the hubby and Mr. Chase.  We live in San Diego, and we plan to take advantage of all that San Diego has to offer, one way or another!!
As for Chase, he’s getting ready to turn 2 in June, and he’s even prepared to answer the question of “how old are you going to be”…he proudly answers “2!!”.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t get it, but he answers nonetheless.  He’s able to count from 1 to 12 now; we’re working on 13-15 but are stuck at 12 now.  His current obsession is VeggieTales, and when I say obsession, I mean OBSESSION!  He can’t get enough of Bob and Larry.  But I suppose that’s a good cartoon to love if there ever was one.  His favorite song is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and he can mostly sing the lyrics.  Its mostly the key words (example: “Twinkle lil star, wonder you are, up above clouds high, like the diamond sky”) but he’s trying!!!
So, things are good and we are enjoying our new life in San Diego.  Hope all of you are gearing up for a wonderful summer.  Enjoy it to the fullest!!
Dreaming BIG,

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