Hi everyone

Hi everyone, hope your summer is off to a great start (and those of you who are school-aged, hope the summer break is good so far!)!

As everyone knows, the 2009 college softball season is officially over, and the University of Washington Huskies won the WCWS Championship! I can honestly say I think the WCWS was the most competitive teams 1 through 8 that I can remember. It was hard to make my prediction on who I thought would win, but I went with the Huskies and I was right!!(Click here to read the article that state the prediction.)

I spent some time in Bristol, Connecticut as well, working for ESPN as their in-studio analyst during the Super Regionals. It was a lot of fun being on the ESPN campus talking softball for hours on end….it was a very long but VERY exciting weekend! It was my first experience in the studio (as opposed to being an in-game analyst) and it was a whole different beast. I hope to get an opportunity in the future to do more of the studio work.



Now it is into SUMMERTIME…more time with my family and a little lighter load at my job. I will of course be busy with recruiting and getting out to identify future SDSU Aztecs. I really enjoy the recruiting process, but just need to remember my visor and sunscreen!! We are looking forward to cointinuing to bring in top-notch athletes and also top-notch people!!

Take care, and Dream BIG!


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